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Professional corporate services for flexibility tomorrow

01. Forex Brokerage Solutions

We provide our complete retail Forex front-end, back-end, and White Label Solutions.

02. Global Company Registration
Professional company incorporation services in more than twenty jurisdictions.
03. Offshore Banking Solutions
PFX Consulting is an approved bank intermediary, meaning our experienced team can...
04. Cryptocurrency Industry

PFX consulting is here to help you launch a Reverse Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

The most popular services:
Forex & Securities Dealers Licenses

1. Malaysia Labuan Money Broking License
2. Belize Forex License - Securities Dealer's License
3. Cyprus Forex License - Securities Dealer's License
4. Malta (MFSA) Forex License

Listing Coin/Token On Exchanges

1. Gate.io and Bitfinex
2. MEXC and LBank
3. BirMart and WhiteBIT

The foreign exchange (FX) market generates approximately $5 trillion every day. This means, when looking at volume, it is the largest market in the world.

PFX Consulting connects interested business owners and investors with the forex market through advanced and dependable technology. If being a forex broker peaks your interest, we can help you out with our Start Your Own Brokerage package. It is a customizable package that is sure to fit your needs and visions, and it will help you take full advantage of your presence in the FX market.

PFX Consulting is a dependable consultant for the registration of offshore and European companies, foundations, and trusts. Our experienced team members are constantly studying, evaluating, and improving our company formation offer by presenting our customers with the most valuable chances in line with their requirements. First and most importantly, our services focus on privacy and the protection of your security.

Forming an offshore company presents an abundance of benefits such as privacy for directors and shareholders; reinforced asset protection; and avoiding bureaucracy. In addition, forming a European company is an extremely appealing prospect since it opens a door to the European Union’s single market and the secured Eurozone economy.

Selecting the right jurisdiction and company framework to fit your wants is incredibly important. It will take time, research, and expert advice.

PFX Consulting supplies a customer-fit company formation service to lead you through this process, sharing our tax planning expertise and complex knowledge of many offshore and European jurisdictions. We thoughtfully scrutinize fundamental factors such as the political and economic security of each jurisdiction; the corporate legislation in place; banking services available; legal compliance requirements; and access to double taxation treaties, amongst others.

After working meticulously with our customers to build the most suitable company, we always overlook its administration and execute a range of financial and reporting services on the customer’s behalf while protecting their privacy.

PFX consulting is an approved bank intermediary, thus our experienced team can remarkably increase the success rate of opening an account. We accelerate the process by avoiding application delays caused by incorrect documentation that may be undisclosed to the client.

We embrace a customer-specific approach when choosing a bank account that fits the needs of our clients. We bring the following details into consideration when recommending a bank: language used for bank communication, confidentiality, client citizenship and country of residence, types of transactions (trading/manufacturing/real estate/investment), volume of payment transfers, investment and soft currency requirements.

After consulting with our client and choosing the best bank, due diligence documents are prepared. Then, personal and business profiles are drawn up, and bank application forms are finalized. We organize all necessary meetings for our clients, like meetings for client identification and the signing of bank forms, to take place in the most favorable location for the client. After a final review, the documentation is submitted to the bank, then we track how the account opening process is progressing and respond to any questions from the bank.

PFX Consulting helps motivated and determined entrepreneurs get started with their reverse ICO, otherwise known as a Reverse Initial Coin Offering. We use our skills to help you celebrate your successes and navigate any issues you may experience along the way.

We use our knowledge to help you understand the internal workings of a Reverse ICO. PFX Consulting not only gets you and your company set up in the most favorable location, but we also help you set up a sustainable structure unique to your business and its needs.

We manage everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You have all that you need when working with us, and we make sure you never feel left in the dark or confused with something as important as ICO’s and the future of your business.