Global Company Registration admin September 26, 2022
Global Company Registration

PFX Consulting is a dependable consultant for registering offshore and European companies, foundations, and trusts. Our experienced team members constantly study, evaluate, and improve our company formation offer by presenting our customers with the most valuable chances in line with their needs and requirements. First and most importantly, our services focus on privacy and security protection for all clients.

Forming an offshore company presents an abundance of benefits, over and above tax planning, such as privacy for directors and shareholders; reinforced asset protection; and avoiding bureaucracy. In addition, forming a European company is an extremely appealing prospect since it opens a door to the European Union’s single market and the secured Eurozone economy.

Selecting the right jurisdiction and company framework to fit your individual wants is incredibly important. It will take time, research, and expert advice.

PFX Consulting supplies a customer-fit company formation service to lead you through this process, sharing our tax planning expertise and complex knowledge of many offshore and European jurisdictions. We thoughtfully scrutinize fundamental factors, such as the political and economic security of each jurisdiction; the corporate legislation in place; the banking services available; legal compliance requirements; and access to double taxation treaties, amongst others.

After working meticulously with our customers to build the most suitable company, we always overlook its administration, executing a range of financial and reporting services on the customer’s behalf while protecting their privacy.

International Business company in Belize is tax-efficient solution in stable jurisdiction for international business. IBC is not required to submit audited financial statements or annual tax returns. Belize IBC is commonly used for holding and e-commerce purposes. Payment of the Government License Fees, provision of registered office and registered agent must be renewed by December 31 irrespective of the date of incorporation.

Full tax exemption, flexibility, as well as solid reputation and high privacy standards of the jurisdiction make BVI BC a great option for virtually any corporate structure

Estonia is considered as the most appropriate corporate structure for tax optimization in the EU. An Estonian LLC is the ideal corporate entity for a European trading company, since the profit can be accumulated tax-free. Estonian companies are also frequently used for tech startups where the business can be done remotely from any part of the world due to a wide range of internet-based services.
Formation of Czech s.r.o. company with limited liability of shareholders, low registered capital, simplified corporate and administrative requirements.
Limited Liability Company in Gibraltar for international business purposes. Gibraltar a stable EU jurisdiction that offers legitimate tax advantages and exempted from VAT.
No taxation on internationally sourced income and location in one of Asia’s most booming hubs make Hong Kong PLC a popular choice not only for investment.
Ireland Ltd Company is the tax-effective vehicle for conducting your international business in the European Union: low corporate rate of 12.5%, 3-year tax exempt, double taxation treaties and absence of withholding tax remittances. Ireland Private companies frequently used by the trading companies for conducting their business within EU, as well as for e-commerce and IT business activities.
Low capital requirements, and favorable tax regime (including absence of indirect taxes) supported by a network of treaties on avoidance of double taxation make Labuan company a popular choice for incorporation of regional headquarters, e-commerce enterprises and Islamic Finance businesses.
The Marshall Islands with its jurisdiction offers a comprehensive administrative and fiscal environment, thus Marshall Islands IBC attracts such entrepreneurs who are interested in international trading, investment enterprises and holding structures.
The Netherlands Limited Liability Company BeslotenVennootschap (BV) is advantageously used by holding and financial companies for tax exemption purposes and structuring international financial transactions.
Nevis is a part of the politically independent St Kitts and Nevis Federation. Traditionally, St. Kitts focuses on tourism business and Nevis offers offshore asset protection services. Nevis has own offshore legislation, which brings a lot of advantages to clients involved in international business activities.
Scottish LP features a flexible tax structure, confidentiality and no requirements to file financial statement. It has status of a legal entity, and has been successfully used for intermediate trading, holding subsidiaries shares and holding real estate.
International Business Company in Seychelles is an ideal solution for confidential and fully tax-exempted international business: no requirements to file annual returns, no taxes or stamp duties, no US or IRS interference, no public records. The Seychelles IBC is commonly used for international trading operations, investments and holding purposes, leasing of vehicles or aircraft, marketing and financial activities.
Singapore Limited Liability Company is an effective business tool for starting a business due to minimal business restrictions, tax exempted non-local business.
Establishing of St.Lucia IBC for conducting your international business with anonymity, flexible company structure, privacy protection, no audit or reporting.
St. Vincent IBC enjoys tax-free regime and high degree of confidentiality. E-commerce businesses, holding companies and investment enterprises often choose this corporate vehicle for their operations.
Switzerland is one of the most attractive jurisdictions for holding companies, granting special tax status in stable and reliable political and legal environment. Swiss GmbH can be formed by only one founding person or company, allowing 100% foreign ownership, with liability limited to the share capital.
UK Limited Liability Company is a simple and fast way to set up your company for assets protection. The essential feature of UK Ltd is flexible structure and the liability of members to the amount of share capital subscribed to. UK Ltd is frequently used for international trade within EU and e-commerce businesses.
Formation of Delaware Limited Liability Company is the best solution for start-up your business due to low formation and maintenance cost, no minimum capital.
Vanuatu IC is the most commonly used offshore entity known for its flexible corporate structure, exemption from all taxes and stamp duty and a high level of confidentiality. Vanuatu International companies are frequently used for offshore structuring, investment or holding purposes, ship management and maritime operations.