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Sample Procedure - Poland cryptocurrency exchange license

Our team will be in charge of the engagement, however, additional partners, associates, and trainees will assist as it may be required from time to time.


*Collection of documentation and information for initiating the regulation process in Poland case of a simplified corporate structure with a minimum of one non-resident of Poland acting as shareholder and director, the following documents are required:

a) Description of the project (1-2 A4 pages) or/and the link to the project’s website.

b) Description of the corporate company structure (% of share contributions between shareholders; decision-making process etc.).

c) 2-3 alternative company names’ propositions so our agent can verify them within the Polish registrar of companies on the subject of contradiction with existing ones.

d) Passport scan(s) – notarized and apostilled from all shareholders and directors of the company.

e) Power of attorney to establish a company – notarized, apostilled, and translated into English from all major shareholders and directors of the company.

f) Certificate of no criminal record issued in the country of citizenship – apostilled and translated into English, not older than three months from all company shareholders.

g) Depending on the project, additional documents may be required.

*All documents must be sent by courier delivery to our agent’s legal address in Poland.

a) Collecting required documents and applying for registration with the local company registrar.

b) Drafting the formation documents.

c) Issuance of original incorporation documents set, including among other things- Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum, Articles of Association, Share certificate, etc.

d) Entry to the CR-

For the company to enter into the CR, the Company’s Director will be required to conduct the following steps:

a. Obtain PESEL number (approx. 2-3 business days)

b. Create using Director’s PESEL number online account on the eLearning platform (approx. 1- 2 business days)

c. Complete the AML training and pass the test (approx. 1- 2 business days).

Once the steps mentioned above a.-c. are finalized by the company’s director, we shall start to submit the necessary documents to enter the CR to the Ministry of Public Finance (approx. two weeks).

Drafting an applicable legal opinion by a Polish Law firm –

Our Polish agent shall provide the company with a prepared legal statement outlining the regulation to establish an LLC and have it registered in the Polish Crypto Registry for the regulated company to offer its clients virtual currency exchange services and to store Virtual currencies on their behalf.

(ETA approx. 2-3 business days).

We would be able to offer you a highly reduced pricing of 1,000,000 USD, which shall consist of the following services and fees:

1) Registration of an LLC into the Polish commercial register.

2) Obtaining the PESEL number in Poland.

3) Assistance in training the company’s director and conducting the AML exam.

4) Entry of a Polish company into the Polish Crypto Registry.

5) Legal Opinion certified by a reputable Polish law firm confirming the existence of regulation in Poland towards Polish companies that provide Virtual Currency Exchange services.

** Above fees do not include:

AML and KYC training, annual EU fiduciary services (amounting to 12K EUR), translation fees, and accounting services.

– We will introduce you to a local accounting firm accordingly, and payment for its accounting services will be handled directly with the accountant depending on the volume of transactions, etc., and any fees which derive among others by changes to Polish regulations which may impose additional fees. The payment for the service is in advance for one year and is renewed once a year, increasing based on the company’s share capital, increasing of governmental fees, notarization, and apostille of corporate documents, courier or any other related fees.


We use a specific strategy for launching that guarantees a coin obtaining the best possible interest. The exchange launch strategy will be implemented in three stages:

Stage one – exchanges like Bitrue and Bibox

We are listing on medium-sized exchanges with high liquidity and a solid reputation.

Stage two –  exchanges like Liquid and Poloniex

Larger-sized exchanges require that coins be listed on other exchanges. Stage two will be implemented when there is great demand from the exchanges from stage one to ensure continued price appreciation of the coin.

Stage three

The largest exchanges tend only to list the most extensive project coins or the coins from the project they invested in. The project is expected to be among the most significant markets by stage three.

The price of listing through us on CMC is 1,5000 USDT.
We make a fast listing up to 10 business days when officially it’s up to one month or even more.
The payment also includes all the additional services after listing on the CMC with a quick listing.

For example:
1) Setting the Market Cap and Circulating Supply
2) If the project’s Circulating Supply has increased, we will be able to update it on the CMC via our contacts quickly
3) You need to update the logo or project description on the CMC page
4) You need to add a new exchange to the project on the CMC page

And many other things that we will do for free for you after the listing.

The price for CoinGecko is 10,000 USDT with the same conditions.

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Our blockchain development services span the delivery of secure decentralized solutions for various domains and the integration of blockchain-based modules into existing software to ensure data integrity and compliance and fraud reduction.

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