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Forex Industry

The foreign exchange (FX) market generates approximately $5 trillion every day. This means, when looking at volume, it is the largest market in the world.

PFX Consulting connects interested business owners and investors with the forex market through advanced and dependable technology. If being a forex broker peaks your interest, we can help you out with our Start Your Own Brokerage package. It is a customizable package that is sure to fit your needs and visions, and it will help you take full advantage of your presence in the FX market.

Statement of Work

The following 2 documents and information are required immediately for company incorporation.

  • Passport
  • Public Notarized
  • Proof of Address (within the latest three months)
  • Names of Shareholders
  • Names of Directors

* Time required to complete the above: 6 months.

System (Shared / Dedicated server) set up: (including MT5 main label for PC and Mobile, Administrator, Manager, Back-end infrastructure.

* After you choose the above system, there will be monthly fees and minimum deposit $50,000:

  • Liquidity fee (FX, Metals): $7 / Standard Lot
  • CFDs: $8 per contract
  • Hardware, Hosting & Backup: $1,000
  • Bridge software: WAIVED
  • Online Broker Portal: WAIVED

* MT5 license fee:

  • $7,000 per month, Standard License (upto 2,5000 real accounts)
  • $10,000 per month, Enterprise License (upto 200,000 real accounts) 

* System setup fee: $10,000

* Time required to complete the above: 2 months

Please kindly fill out and submit the following documents for your corporate account:

  1. Corporate Account Application
  2. Account Agreement (last page)
  3. Disclaimer for Corporate Applications
  4. Corporate Resolution (please sign the corporate resolution based on your company type)
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Memorandum and Articles of Organization
  7. Membership Certificate
  8. Operating Agreement/Trust Agreement
  9. Certificate of Good Standing

* Time required to obtain application approval: 2 ~ 3 weeks

** The payment shall be payable to the consulting company as soon as the prime broker approves the application.

PFX Consulting
We also offer you the following services:
MT4 / MT5

Main Label
A-Book and B-Book
Bridge and Reporting

Legal and Banking

Incorporation and Legal Structures
Regulation and Licenses
Bank Accounts
Payment Service Providers
Legal Agreements
AML, KYC Procedures


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